About me

At Disney, where I work full-time, I am designing immersive mobile and web experiences for premier vacation brands including Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort and Disney Cruise Line. I was previously on the Play Disney Parks app team, where we turn wait time [at a Disney Park] into play time.

My story

Back in 2014, my sister needed a website for her new business. I took on the challenge to do it myself, and I loved every minute of it. I knew this to be true because I would stay up late to get it, knowing that I had a full-time job as a recruiter. I was terrible at recruiting and wanted to get out. I had found my passion in UX Design.

My journey

Recruiter turned Product Designer. I went full force into General Assembly's immersive program — and it was the best decision of my life. I've been designing UX/UI and Product Design for over 6+ years and have had the opportunity to collaborate with some world-class designers, art directors, Product Managers, and technology team. Read more about my story here.


Disney Parks, Experience, and Product

Glendale, CA

Sr. Product Designer

Oct 2017 — Present
  • Conceive, create, and supervise inspiring, high-quality digital experiences across a variety of Disney Park brands ranging from Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Play Disney Parks app, Disney Signature Brands, shopDisney, and commerce.
  • Follow Guest-centric, design process and understanding real Guest motivations, behaviors and goals
  • Provide subject matter expert for design team, providing design guidance, documenting and socializing best practices, as well as cross-functionally

Sr. Interaction Designer

Nov 2016 - Oct 2017

    Interaction Designer

    Jul 2015 - Nov 2016

      General Assembly

      Los Angeles, CA

      Lead Instructor - Part Time

      Mar 2020 - Present
      • Instructed over 100+ postgraduate level professionals about the field of UX and how to become a professional UX designer.
      • Teach 2 hours per evening, 2 days a week, for 10 weeks
      • Manage and support two Instructional Assistance to ensure student deliveries, quality of feedback and grading in a timely manner

      FeelGood Design

      Los Angeles, CA

      Founder and Chief Experience Officer

      Feb 2020 - Present
      • Owner of mico design agency that caters to small-to-medium size businesses with their digital needs across web and mobile app platforms
      • Gather and contribute to client requirements by reconciling User, Business, and Technical needs
      • Hire, contract, and manage design students for projects that require additional resources that are beyond level of availability and level of expertise


      Los Angeles, CA


      Apr 2021 - Present
      • Provide subject matter expert for students assignments to the DesignLab platform
      • Commit to 1 hour per week, for 4 weeks per student
      • Collaborate, mentor, and guided walk-throughs of design methodologies and design tool agnostics

      UCLA Extension

      Los Angeles, CA

      Instructor & TA

      May 2018 - Nov 2018
      • Provide subject matter expert for students assignments to the DesignLab platform
      • Commit to 1 hour per week, for 4 weeks per student
      • Collaborate, mentor, and guided walk-throughs of design methodologies and design tool agnostics

      Dogtown Media

      Santa Monica, CA

      Lead UX/UI Designer

      Mar 2015 - Jul 2015
      • Lead a team of designers to ensure client needs are met and that user centric designs are applied throughout the design process
      • Provided subject matter expert for design team, providing design guidance, documenting and socializing best practices, even cross-functionally
      • Facilitated a dynamic and collaborative team environment

      UX/UI Designer

      Aug 2014 - Mar 2015


        Formerly known as Weezlabs
        Santa Monica, CA

        UX/UI Designer

        Jan 2015 - Jun 2015
        • Short Contract

        Sidebench Studios

        Santa Monica, CA

        UX/UI Designer

        Jan 2015 - Arp 2015
        • Short Contract


        Los Angeles, CA

        Recruitment Coordinator

        Oct 2013 - Dec 2013
        • Short Contract


        Los Angeles, CA

        Google Specialist

        Oct 2012 - Oct 213
        • In collaboration with MarketStar, at the time, I helped train and educate Best Buy employees on the Chromebook

        My skills

        Product Design

        ​I collaborate with business needs, user needs, and technology capabilities by collaborating, researching, sketching, wireframing, UI design, and prototyping experiences.


        Cross collaboration, design strategy, conceptualizing, responsive design, rapid & complex prototyping, user testing, micro-animations, and design hand-off. Mentoring and education is also my passion.

        Interaction Design

        I love thinking through how we can better bridge the gap between users and products. I strive to create products that enable the user to achieve their objective in the best and most optimal way possible.


        On an as need basis, prototyping early and often helps solve a lot of deltas in a project. I also think prototyping saves 5 to 10 meetings with Product and Engineers.

        Mentorship & Education

        Connective tissue with creative and engineering team, I understand and can code in HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. I'm very comfortable with CoffeeScript.

        Creative Deliverables

        Empathizing with Users is one thing, but empathizing with engineers and mean we need to have better creative deliverables, and I strive to make everyone's lives easier.

        Tools I Use

        While I am always open to trying and learning new design tools, here are the main tools I use to get my work done. Concept design, flows, wires, and comps are usually done in Sketch, while heavy prototyping is done in Axure or FramerJS for Animations. InVision is great for presentations and simple flows. Google App is for collaboration while Keynote is for presentation / storytelling.
        sketch app
        figma app
        google apps
        atom text script

        Design Beliefs

        My usual design cadence and process is usually based on what I don't know to get to the finish line, but I always start a project based off the double diamond.
        Phase 1 is about kick-offs, requirements gathering, and discovering what the actual problem is. Often times, when requirements come in, there's usually something at the core of the request that I try and dig into. Asking why a few times helps with this. This phase is also the time to establish partnerships, learn who's on the team, and develop relationships with the leads. I am very big on collaborating and partnering with Product Managers, Project Managers, and Developers as I think that's imperative for a successful, smooth launch.

        And what if it doesn't? We find our options and make decisions on what is best for the User Experience, while still hitting on the business requirements. As things start to settle down, we retro-spec to learn what can be done better next time.
        Phase 2 is about clear alignment on what we'll be designing and building, relative to any constraints we may come across. We may


        I am always open to hearing about public speeches, panels, and educational talks regarding User Experience Design, Product Design, and my passion around prototyping. Here are some past talks I've done.