My Role: Interaction Design, Prototype, and Design Quality Assurance

Task: Redesign WDW & DLR tickets page under the new 2016 Seasonal Tiered pricing requirements

Solution: Design various concepts, define and prototype the progressive revealing flows, and proactively design QA with tech team


Citi Mobile Challenge Winner

Tools I Used: Gliffy, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote

My Role: User Flow, Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi wireframes, UI design

Industry: Finance, Gimbals and iBeacons

Task: Improve customer experience for Citi consumer and/or corporate customers

Solution: Bankers are alerted when users enter branch (iBeacons)


Tools I used: Pen and Paper, Gliffy, Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure, and Wordpress CMS

My Role: End-to-end design, project manage, and design QA

Task: Full-site redesign with a focus on mobile responsive

Solution: Source themes, I.A., Interaction Design, and collaborate with Front-End Developer


My Role: Ideation, Estimations, Sketching, User-Flow, Interaction Design, Prototype, Presentator, Tech Documentation, and Design QA

Industry: Consumer Product - eCommerce mobile app

Task: Add the ability to use Disney Gift Card and Disney Rewards Redemption to the already exisiting Shop Disney Parks app.

Solution: Leverage new UI components, plan for scalability, and prepare for future implementation across all Disney Parks app (MDX and DLR)


Jenny and Ryan's Wedding

Tools I Used: Pen and Pencil, Google Doc, Axure, Sketch, and Squarespace

My Role: End-to-end design focusing heavily on information architect and interaction design

Task: Design, build, and launch a wedding website under the URL:

Solution: Design a website that shows wedding details, the story, gallery, and a registration page.

Platform:  iOS



Medication Reminder and Rx Tracker

Tools I Used: Pen/Pencil, Gliffy, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flinto

My Role: Lead UX designer, project manage, user research, ideate, interaction design, and prototype

Task: Design and partner with UI Designer to make a medication reminder app, be mindful of Apple Watch integration, and work closely with iOS development team


Launched January 2014

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

Role: Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Print Design, and Content Strategy

Graphic Designer: JuLiette Trieu

Problem: To establish their first online presence, get the information out, and try not to overwhelm users with details.


I'd be happy to show more work & ideation upon request.

I keep access to my full portfolio limited as a lot of my work remains under NDA and contains confidential material. Thanks for understanding.