• Utilizing personas to drive the flow and design
  • Demonstrate a smooth user flow
  • Comparison Competitive Analysis: Don't reinvent the wheel. Designs are influenced by fragments of other eCommerce websites.
  • Figuring out what design tools work best for me
  • Starting with small, focus on core
  • Not having enough time: We had two weeks to complete and had to run a clickable prototype for presentation.
  • Don’t be so eager to start sketching and designing
  • Deeper card sorting: bucket list categories
  • Provide more annotations
  • Test early, test often. 
  • Usability test outside of in-house
  • Pay more attention to Heuristic Evaluation
  • Visually representing requirements
  • Taxonomy of filtering categories and brands (putting polo shirts above brands)
  • Noticed that people don’t read text
  • Delivered a high-fidelity mockup and clickable prototype in a matter of two weeks
  • Adding a visual representation for school requirements (i.e. using a human stick figure)-Ashley Karr, UXDi Instructor

  • Card Sorting

    User Flow

    Concept Model


    Site Map

    Product Detail




    User Flow