• Establish individual contributor roles
  • Work more, have fewer meetings
  • Utilize personas to drive design and process
  • Fewer formalities, faster iterations
  • Figuring out the location of the “Back” and “Hamburger Menu”
  • Project brief was a bit loosely defined
  • Conflict with location of Patelco logo
  • Test and re-evaluate the location of icons in “more” button
  • Deeper research: we should’ve focused more on the newer features (Goals and Tracking)
  • Testing the "Remember User ID" on/off switch
  • Designers took ownership of their roles and felt responsible for what they worked on
  • Rotated tasks so that everyone can improve skill-sets and design tools
  • Did three rounds of testing:
    • Paper testing:tested back and menu button
    • Lo-mid fidelity:monitor user-flow
    • Hi-fidelity: review of final product

Comparative Competitive Analysis

Concept Map


Card Sorting

User Flow


Paper Testing


New Features: Goals and Tracking