[Please keep note that this website is still under construction]

Hello. My name is Henry and I’m a UX Designer based in Los Angeles.

Welcome to my portfolio.

Currently, I’ve been working at Disney, Parks and Resorts Digital as an Interaction Designer based in Glendale.

Everyday, I get to spend time with some of the most amazing, most talented individuals I’ve ever met.

Before working at Disney, I was a consultant and then Lead UX/UI Designer at a small, digital agency called Dogtown Media based in Santa Monica.

I occasionally check-in with them from time-to-time, and will always consider them family. They do great work, and I encourage you to check them out.

My beliefs as a UX Designer stems from the fact that people, when they find something difficult to use, they blame themselves and think they’re too stupid to figure something out.

People don’t like to feel stupid and will reject experiences within a split second. They will complain about how much they hate the app, shut it down, will and refuse to look at it again.

My job is to prevent this from happening. I research, sketch, wireframe, prototype, test, and design experiences— all powered by coffee.

More simply put:

My job is to make sure people don’t leave websites, web apps, or mobile apps until their task is done.

I execute design confidently to the smallest details.